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Photo courtesy of LBPD

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, with assistance from the Long Beach Police Department, seized 15 pounds of methamphetamine after searching a home in Central Long Beach, the LBPD announced.

Details: Narcotics detectives from the LBPD’s east division and DEA agents performed a search warrant at a home located on the 2300 block of East 15th Street, where authorities also found two assault rifles and illegal drugs.

  • 47-year-old Javier Rodriguez was arrested on Monday just before 7 a.m, near 15th Street and Cherry Ave.

  • Mr. Rodriguez, a resident of Riverside, was charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale, prohibited possession of ammunition, possession of an assault weapon, and possession of a firearm by a felon, per the LB Post.


Updated: 24 hours ago

Photo courtesy of azziieecuh_lb

A 16-year-old high school student was attacked in North Long Beach as she walked home in what the Long Beach Police Department describes as a strong-armed robbery.


The attack occurred on May 12, at roughly 3:10 pm, as Graviela Estrada was walking home from Jordan High School near Butler Ave and Adams Street when a dark-colored sedan approached, according to the victim's sister.

  • Estrada told ABC 7 that she noticed three men following her in a dark-colored car; one of the passengers exited and attacked her.

  • The victim's sister wrote in a post on Instagram that one of the suspects "slam[ed]" Estrada "to the ground," placed his hands on her mouth, and told her to "shut the fuck up," but Estrada was able to escape from her attackers. However, she suffered bruises and scratches all over her body.

Why it matters:

A neighbor's surveillance video, released by the victim's sister, captures Estrada walking home as a black car apparently shadows her, and another video shows Estrada distressed sometime after the attack. The assault comes as the city has seen a nearly eight percent increase in violent crime, according to an LBPD report.


The Long Beach Police Department issued a press release saying officers contacted Estrada at 3:36 pm at the 6100 block of Long Beach Boulevard.

  • One of the suspects attempted to take jewelry from Estrada, and it is unknown if the suspects fled with her property.

  • Long Beach Fire Department treated Estrada's injuries, and the investigation is ongoing.

What they're saying:

The LBPD says they are "aware that there is a video circulating on social media that shows a possible suspect vehicle involved in the incident; however, this video is not evidence that our department has yet received or released" and that they "have reached out to the owner of this video to further investigate the video's contents."


A 91-year-old man died from injuries she suffered Saturday morning in the Jackson neighborhood of Long Beach, police said.


Police say the incident happened on May 14, at roughly 9:42 a.m., on the 1600 block of East Plymouth Street when a driver backing out of her driveway struck elderly pedestrian Song Srun, who was walking across her driveway.

  • Srun was transported to a nearby hospital and later died the following day from his injuries.

  • The driver remained at the scene, had a valid driver’s license, and cooperated with the investigation.