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What Happened:

A handful of Trump supporters had a physical altercation with anti-Trump protesters near the intersection of Pine Ave and Ocean Blvd steps away from the California Democratic Party Convention. According to the LBPD, three people were arrested for assault.

  • The incident reportedly started when two men approached a handful of Trump supporters and started arguing, then the arguing escalated into a physical altercation. At some point during the brawl, an anti-Trump protester smacked a Trump supporter in the head with a scooter, according to the Long Beach Post

In a separate incident, a #Trump supporter gets into a heated argument with attendees at the CA Democratic Party Convention.

What We Know So Far:

Two students are dead and three other students suffered gunshot wounds during a mass-shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita earlier today.

The Shooting:

Gunfire was reported at approximately 7:30 am and police descended on the high school eight minutes later. Police discovered six students with injuries, including the alleged shooter, who had a supposedly sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.

  • At a press conference held by LA County Sheriffs, the gunman fired upon his classmates in the quad with a .45-caliber handgun, before turning the gun on himself.

  • SWAT teams searched nearby neighborhoods for the suspect, who they thought fled the scene of the crime.

  • The entire William S. Hart school district was placed on lockdown.

  • Today is allegedly the gunman's' 16th birthday.

Saugus High School Student Describes his teacher's reaction:

LA Co. Sheriffs are investigating "multiple scenes":

The Gunman:

CBS News is reporting that 16-year-old Nathaniel Berhow is the shooter and is a student from Saugus High School. Berhow was sent to a nearby hospital for his wounds.

Reaction From LBPD:

Kamala Harris said "Our children and communities are being terrorized":

Bernie Sanders said "Children in America should not live in fear for their lives at school or anywhere else":

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  • MTLB

C.S.U.L.B Police Department is in search of an armed suspect who held a Long Beach State student at gunpoint and stole the victim's car on campus.

The Incident:

According to campus police, at relatively 1:40 pm the suspect approached the victim near his car on the fourth floor of the Pyramid parking structure. The suspect and the victim had a brief conversation before the suspect held a "handgun at the victims' neck" taking the victim's car keys and drove away in the victim's Lexus.

The Suspect:

The suspect has been described as a white male, possibly in his twenties, 5'8, 160 lbs with "unkempt facial hair, light brown hair, wearing a royal blue windbreaker and a backpack".

CSULB Police Dept Statement: