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C.S.U.L.B's Soroptimist House sustained significant damaged from last weeks Ridgecrest earthquakes that shook Southern California.

Possible Replacment:

According to KABC 7, No students or university facility was in the building at the time of the 7.1 earthquake and the university is considering demolishing the 62-year-old Soroptimist House and constructing a new alumni center, but C.S.U.L.B has not made a final decision about the property.


Details of Thurday's Shooting:

A woman, suffering from a gunshot wound in the chest, was discovered on the pavement on the 300 block of Magnolia Ave, blocks away from the Deukmjian Courthouse, in Downtown Long Beach.

  • The victim later passed away at a nearby hospital from her wounds.

  • The suspect was described as a male who apparently ran away on foot.

  • Later Thursday afternoon, LBPD SWAT teams were seen in the area searching for the suspect, but arrest was announced.


What Happened:

#Trump's Labor Secretary Alex Acosta announced earlier today that he would step down next week.

But Why?:

Since Jerry Epstein's arrests last week over sex trafficking charges, the amount of attention brought on renewed scrutiny of Alex Acosta's 2008 plea deal with Epstein. While serving as a federal prosecutor in Florida, Acosta made what many considered to be an excessively lenient deal for the type of sex crimes Epstein was accused of. Some critics even claim the 2008 Epstein plea deal even broke the law, because Epstein's victims were not informed of the arrangement.

Epstein's 2008 Plea Deal:

According to ABC News, Epstein merely served a 13- month stint in the Palm Beach County Jail and had to register as a sex offender. Epstein was provided a private room and was allowed out of jail, for 12 hours a day, for six days out of the week to go to work.

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