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The Front-Runner:

The presumed favorite, Mary Zendejas has received her biggest endorsement to date from former 1st District LB City Council-member and current State Senator Lena Gonzales, who wrote in a statement:

“I’ve spent the last decade of my public service life, serving the residents of the first district. It has been such a profound honor and true privilege. A district with beautiful diversity & abundant growth deserves a representative that will continue fighting for their best interests. 
Mary Zendejas is that representative. She has dedicated her life to the Long Beach community for over two decades in the areas of transportation, housing, LGBTQ rights & mentoring youth and adults with disabilities. She is an inspiration for many, a strong-willed woman & I am happy to support her candidacy to replace me in District One! 
Mary has been there. She is the only candidate with an extensive track record of hard work throughout Long Beach. I am confident that Mary will ensure all residents have a voice at City Hall. She is courageous, bold & a long time friend to our First District community. Mary is exactly the person our city needs to succeed.”

Why it matters:

With Gonzales’ endorsement, as well as, an assemblage of local support from activist and leaders, Zendejas has only solidified her position as the front-runner in the race to replace Gonzales on the city council this November.


The Details:

Jason Monroe Daniels, age 35, was found guilty by a Long Beach jury, on 3-felony counts; child abuse, possession of a firearm and second-degree murder in the 2017 killing of William Luther Hayes in front of a 6-year old boy.

  • Daniels is scheduled to be sentenced on August 27.

  • Daniels faces up to 108 years to life in a California state prison.

The Backstory:

On April 19, 2017, Daniels was visiting his then ex-girlfriend’s family home on the 500 block of Cherry Avenue in the South Rose Park neighborhood of Long Beach.

According to the press release by the L.A County's Distract Attorneys office, during his visit Daniels became "agitated" when he saw Hayes interacting with his 6-year old son. Daniels then walked outside of the house, approached Hayes and then shot him in front of his child.

After the shooting, Daniels quickly fled the scene and was arrested weeks later in Las Vegas.


Why It Matters:

The former Vice President has often self describes himself throughout his political career as "middle class" and one of "poorest" senators during his time in Congress. However, since leaving the Obama Administration Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, has earned more than $15 million according to the former Vice President's financial disclosure forms.

Read Biden's Tax Documents:

The large portion of the Bidens' income came from lucrative book deals and paid speaking engagements.