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The Results

The Iowa Democratic Party announced the "majority" of the results will be made public by 5 pm EST.

What Happened:

The Iowa Democratic Party has placed the blame of the fiasco on a "coding issue" with the vote-reporting app developed by veteran Clinton campaign aides, per the Des Moines Register.

  • The app was issued by Shadow, Inc, and co-founded by Gerard Niemira and Krista Davis, who worked for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

  • The disastrous reporting app damaged the prime media coverage for the candidate who might have won the nation's first presidential electoral event.

  • According to the NYT, the app was only completed 2 months ago and was "not properly tested at a statewide scale,".

  • Per CENET, The vote-tabulating app frightened cybersecurity experts for weeks, due to concerns of the app's vulnerabilities hacking.

  • The IDP said there was no indication there was a hack or intrusion of the system.


Sen. Sanders reacts to Buttigieg declaring victory:

Former presidential candidate and Warren surrogate Julian Castro says "This Iowa Caucus is a total mess" :

The Nevada Democratic Party won't use the same app for its caucus on Feb 22nd:

President Trump says "The Democrat Party in Iowa really messed up,"

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MTLB sat down with Horsey Horseshoe, the most colorful candidate in the race, to discuss Horsey's inspiration for running, L. B’s changing culture, and how he wants to rep "the hood" at Long Beach City Hall.

The interview was conducted inside a Starbucks, so sorry for the ambient noise.

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In a new poll by U.C Berkley's Institute of Governmental Studies, conducted on behalf of the L.A Times, shows Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leading with 26% of Democrats who are likely to vote on the state's presidential primary.

Why it's a big deal:

In the last Berkeley IGS poll, Sanders, and Warren were in a statistical tie, with Biden losing ground.

  • The poll found that Bernie has strong support among Latinos and young people.

  • Warren is fading slowly in California, in November, Warren had 22% in November and 29% in September.

By the Numbers: