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Five people have been rescued, 25 dead bodies have been discovered and nine people remain missing from a fire on a charter commercial dive boat off the coast of Santa Cruz Island, according to a report by The Associated Press.


  • The US Coast Guard received a mayday call at approximately 3:30 a.m., Monday morning, the U.S. Coast Guard and neighboring agencies responded to a boat called the Conception off the shore of Santa Cruz Island near Platt’s Harbor in Santa Barbara County.

  • On the mayday call from the Conception, a person says "I can't breathe" to the dispatcher.

  • The "Conception", a 75ft commercial diving boat, was "fully engulfed in fire" according the Ventura County Fire Dept press release. The boat sank 20 yards away from shore of the island to bottom of the ocean at 7:20 am.

  • The ship is owned by the Santa Barbara based company Truth Aquatics, according to the LA Times.

Footage of the Conception Before the Disaster:

(Credit to Sailor James)


Hundreds of Sanders supporters in California showed up in force, also here in Long Beach, for what the Sanders campaign calls Barnstorms, over the weekend. Drawing in 400+ volunteers across California, with 320 plus volunteer in the L. A area alone.

Long Beach Bernie Supporters:

Photo from Sanders Campaign

Why It Matters:

Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren, the democratic party's strongest progressive candidates in the 2020 presidential race, are leading the presumed front-runner Joe Biden in a recent national poll by Monmouth. Both Sanders and Warren have 20 percent, thus placing the two progressive senators in a statistical tie with former Vice President Joe Biden, who went from 32 percent in July to 19 percent in August. Sanders also leads in Colorado, a crucial swing state.

Sanders Leads in Crucial Swing State:

What's Next?:

The next democratic debate is set for September 12th and 13th, the top contenders have all qualified for the debate.


What Happened:

A male victim was shot and killed at, what the L.B.P.D is describing, as an "illegal gaming establishment" on the 1500 block of West Pacific Coast Highway in West Long Beach.


  • The victim was later identified as Johnny Atkins, age 49, a resident of Long Beach,

  • During the preliminary investigation it was discovered the victim was shot inside the location.

  • Police discovered "several illegal gambling machines" and the motive of the shooting is currently unknown at this time.