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Billionaire philanthropist and presidential candidate Tom Steyer released his health care proposal, which sounds similar to other establishment Democratic candidates. Mr. Steyer’s health care proposal would build on Obamacare by offering a public option and not a #Medicare for All single-payer system.

Photo from Steyer Campaign's Facebook Page

Steyer wants to reinforce the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, with a public option for the uninsured, a complete divergent health care plan from his progressive rivals, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who are proposing a Medicare for All program.

Steyer's Health Plan Announcement Video:

Steyer's public option:

  • Steyer emphasizes building on the established health care system with the choice to "opt-in" to his version of a public option.

  • Under Mr. Steyer's proposal, the cost of prescription drugs would go down by "benchmarking their cost against international standards" by allowing Americans to buy FDA approved meds internationally and having a "price cap".

  • Using the Dept. of Justice, Health and the F.T.C to "enforce antitrust regulations and consumer protection laws".

Steyer talks about his health care plan at #CADem Con:


12 of the 17 declared presidential candidates descended on to the Long Beach Convention Center this weekend in an effort to win over California voters, specifically Latinos before the critical California Primary on March 3rd, where 495 delegates are up for grabs.

CA Primary Primary:

Screenshot of Change Research Poll

What they're saying:

Sen.Cory Book on his Baby Bonds Proposal:

Andrew Yang on Automation in the Agriculture Industry:

Sen.Kamala Harris on the Impeachment Hearings:

Kamala Harris on Gun Violence:

Tom Steyer on Universal Health Care and Police Brutality:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Allegations of Mistreatment by Former Staff Members:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Reaching Latino Voters and Leading in Iowa:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Health Care:

Former Secretary Julián Castro on the impeachment hearings and changing the presidential primary system:

Julián Castro on Violence on violence at the U.S/Mexico Border:

Sen.Bernie Sanders on #DACA Recipients:

Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Coup d'état in #Bolivia:


What Happened:

A handful of Trump supporters had a physical altercation with anti-Trump protesters near the intersection of Pine Ave and Ocean Blvd steps away from the California Democratic Party Convention. According to the LBPD, three people were arrested for assault.

  • The incident reportedly started when two men approached a handful of Trump supporters and started arguing, then the arguing escalated into a physical altercation. At some point during the brawl, an anti-Trump protester smacked a Trump supporter in the head with a scooter, according to the Long Beach Post

In a separate incident, a #Trump supporter gets into a heated argument with attendees at the CA Democratic Party Convention.