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What Happened?

#Sony Pictures and #Marvel Studios (Disney) have ended their Spider-Man agreement, for now, as both studios failed to come to terms over Marvel's most popular hero.

Behind the Scenes:

According to Deadline, Disney asked Sony Pictures for a 50/50 split in the profits on future Spidey films between the two studios and Sony turned down that offer.

  • The original agreement, Marvel received 5% of first dollar gross and the rest going to Sony pictures, but Marvel (Disney) would get all of the merchandise and get to use the wall crawler in Disney theme parks globally.

  • Spider-man is Sony's only film franchise, after losing the James Bond franchise.

  • BuzzFeed News reported, that negotiations between the mouse house and Sony about Spider-man's future remain ongoing.

What's next for #Spidey:

Tom Halland is signed on for one more Spider-man film with Sony and Deadline reported that Sony is developing two more Spider-Man movies following Far From Home.

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Long Beach area musician Tako Tasi was shot and killed Saturday night in the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach, as reported by the LBP.

  • On Saturday August 10, 2019 at 11:40 PM LBPD responded to the intersection of West Willow Street and Eucalyptus Avenue due to reports of a shooting.

  • According to the LBPD, Homicide Detectives believe there was a some-sort of clash between the victim and the suspect that in the end resulted in the death of Tasi.

  • Police say Tasi suffered from gunshot wounds to his upper torso.

  • The press releases provided little on the identity of the suspect, other than that he is an unknown male and "who was last seen fleeing the location on foot".

His Music:

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Police discovered two dead bodies of an adult male and adult female inside their residence, Thursday afternoon, during a welfare check at a Alimitos beach apartment complex on the 1300 block of East Appleton Street .

What We Know So Far:

  • LBPD Detectives believe this to be a double suicide and no foul play is suspected at this time.

  • The investigation is being handled by the L.B.P.D, but the L.A County Coroner’s Office will be determining the official cause of death

  • The identities of the victims has not been disclosed, but according to CBSLA, the two residents were a couple in their 40's and one neighbor said he saw shell casings.