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Updated: Sep 1

Colin Slater, a guard for the CSULB men's basketball team, went public Saturday about his run-in with the LBPD over the weekend, saying officers pulled him over "for no reason," other than he was "Just young & black driving to his house."

What he's saying:

Slater took to Twitter to share his experience of what happened Saturday, writing that he was pulled over while entering his garage. They [the police] "followed us into the alley and flagged me down. No marijuana present, no alcohol present, no probable cause at all."

🔸 According to Slater, the officer's justification for the traffic stop was because his driver's side and passenger front windows were tinted. Still, Slater contends that accusation, writing that the windows were down at the time of the traffic stop.

🔸 Slater would go on to write that the officers questioned his roommate about whether or not he was living at the residence and said, "Man this is the stuff that really give you PTSD fr fr."

What they're saying:

LBSU Athletic director Andy Fee wrote on Twitter, "Ridiculous. Definitely not OK and sorry you were treated so poorly. I personally know your character and moral compass. Stay strong and keep your head up high!"

🔸 LBSU Men's Basketball team Twitter account posted in reaction: "Terrible. Not okay. I'm sorry you had to go thru this. They don't realize what an amazing person they messed with."

🔸 LBPD spokesperson Arantxa Chavarria said, "The Police Department is aware of this post and has already reached out via social media. If order for us to potentially investigate we will need the details of the incident—what day and time it happened, etc., which we currently do not have."

Editor’s note: This story is updated with a comment from the Long Beach Police Department.


Police have identified the man behind the shooting at the Redondo Beach Pier as 36-year-old Long Beach resident Kenneth Vessell, according to the Los Angeles Medical Examiner-Coroner's office.

The latest:

Two victims were taken to a nearby hospital, both were suffering from gunshot wounds to their lower bodies, but their injuries are not considered life-threatening.

  • A knife and handgun were recovered at the scene.

  • One of the victims was described as a man in his 40's, and the other was a teenage boy, per KTLA 5.

  • Police believe the suspect and the victims knew each other.

What happened:

Police responded to the pier about 8:20 p.m., Wednesday night on the 100 block of West Torrance Boulevard. At a press conference, sheriff's Lt. Brandon Dean said the suspect fired a semi-automatic handgun randomly, striking two people, per the Los Angeles Times.

  • The sounds of gunfire sent people running in a panic, according to the LA Times.

  • A witness told the Times that a person believes the gunman, high-tailed over a rail and onto rocks that line the beach with police in pursuit.

  • Then the witness heard gunshots and saw the man fall.


Former Long Beach police officer Yvonne Robinson was sentenced to two years of probation for leaking sensitive police information to a known gang member, per multiple reports.

Why it matters:

Robinson’s sentencing comes amid renewed scrutiny of policing in reaction to the murder of George Floyd and calls to de-invest public funding from police departments.


Yvonne Robinson, a 13-year veteran of the Long Beach Police Department, was first charged in 2013 for allegedly providing information from police reports to a known member of the Insane Crips street gang.

  • The jury was presented with recordings of gang members discussing details of a murder investigation that Robinson allegedly provided during the trial.

  • Robinson was also accused of providing information about an assault case.

  • Near the end of the trial, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office says Robinson had a sexual relationship with her codefendant.

Where things stand:

Robinson was sentenced to two years of probation, with 80 hours of community service, but no probation officer.

  • Robinson’s attorney says they plan on appealing the conviction.