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Two street vendors in Long Beach were assaulted by a group of people while serving food. Still, when they called 9-1-1, the police ended up ticketing the vendors instead.


Eliu Ramirez and Jose Eugenio Vivanco were on 19th and Cedar Street when harassed by a group of people who hailed them down to buy something, only to call Mr. Ramirez names. Ramirez said on a now-viral video that he walked away from the group, but they followed him, poured water on his back, and tipped over his food cart.

  • Mr. Vivanco told Univision that he was attacked, possibly by the same group of people. He says the group threw his items to the ground and struck him in the head.

  • According to the LBPD, one of the vendors called 9-1-1, and they dispatched officers to the scene and "determined an altercation occurred between several individuals" and cited one adult female with vandalism and the two vendors for not possessing "proper licences to operate," totaling $900.

  • A GoFundMe was created on behalf of Mr.Ramirez, and an event is planned for Saturday at 20th Street and Cedar Avenue at 1 p.m.

State of play:

Eliu Ramirez would later tell his story on Instagram, causing backlash from the public. The LBPD would later void the tickets, saying in a statement, the officers who cited the two vendors, was issued "against our Department's practice and the citations will be voided."

  • According to authorities, detectives are also looking into reports that racial slurs were used during the attack.


Photo courtesy of LBPD

Authorities say no one was injured after officers shot at a man who allegedly exchanged gunfire with them, launching a short standoff Wednesday night in North Long Beach.

Details: Shortly after 11 p.m., officers were sent to the 100 block of West 52nd Street, where they encountered a man who said an adult male brandished a gun at him during a heated exchange, according to the LBPD.

  • The arriving officers observed the alleged suspect leaving a house with a rifle and said the suspect fired two shots.

  • After police fired back at the suspect, the suspect then re-entered the house and barricaded himself with other people.

  • The SWAT team responded to the scene, and officers evacuated nearby residents.

  • After nearly two hours, the suspect exited the house wearing body armor and was taken into custody.

The investigation: Police say the suspect, the victim, and the person who called 9-1-1, are all neighbors living within the same residential complex and were involved in an altercation when the suspect pulled a rifle at the victim.

  • Police recovered a "loaded rifle" inside the house, and officers were seen Thursday morning at the scene with police tape still up.

  • Jaime Lopez-Pinzon Jr., a 26-year-old Long Beach resident, was identified as the suspect and detained on the spot.


The California Highway Patrol said Wednesday they've arrested a man on suspicion of being involved in a string of BB gun shootings along the 91-Freeway, the LA Times first reported.

What we know:

CHP claimed that over 100 vehicles have had their windows smashed or shot out last month from LA County to Riverside County.

  • There have been no reports of injuries as a result of the shooting.

  • Update: CHP arrested 34-year-old Anaheim resident Jesse Leal Rodriguez, per KCAL-9.

  • Rodriguez was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and held on a $750,000 bond at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside.

What they're saying:

  • The Riverside police spokesperson: Officer Ryan Railsback, said Riverside patrol officers saw an SUV matching the suspect's vehicle near Magnolia and Hole Ave and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was placed under arrest, and the officers would later call the CHP.

  • CHP Assistant Cheif Donald Goodbrand said, "Further investigation is actively being conducted to confirm if this individual is the suspect associated with the recent BB gun incidents that have been occurring in Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles counties."