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Photo provided by MTLB follower

Long Beach Police say two people are in custody following a shooting near a mini-market in the Willmore neighborhood afternoon Thursday.


LBPD spokesperson Brandon Fahey tells the Modern Times, police officers were sent to the area of 8th Street and Chestnut Avenue at about 12:36 p.m regarding a call about gunfire.

  • Upon arrival, officers found evidence that a shooting did occur and would later locate a vehicle in the area matching the suspect vehicle description.

  • Police would apprehend two male suspects, but the motive for the shooting is under investigation. No injuries occurred.

  • A blue sedan, surrounded by police cars on Locust Ave, would be placed on a flatbed truck. LBPD gang detectives are investigating the shooting.

🚔: LBPD spokesperson Richard Mejia told MTLB, "The suspect’s vehicle is confirmed to be a blue sedan and it was subsequently towed."

Video via Citizen user candicemcprian


Photos via a MTLB reader

Crowds of Anti-vaccine mandate protesters gathered at Long Beach's Bluff Park to demonstrate against mask and COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

Why it matters:

Los Angeles County's new vaccination verification program called SafePassLA was launched on Monday that would require residents to show proof of vaccination for entering restaurants, bars, coffee shops, breweries, wineries, gyms, spas, nail salons.

More than 100 people protested at Bluff Park against the latest round of pandemic influence health orders.

Protester carried a sign saying "FORCED PENETRATION IS RAPE"

A Anti-mandate protester holds a sign saying "Consent no Coercion" with a red X over Vaccine Mandate

One sign makes medical claims about the vaccine


Long Beach police officers and members of the LBPD SWAT team responded to a business in the Lower West Side of Long Beach on Tuesday for a burglary in progress, per LBP.

  • Around 2:55 a.m., police received a call regarding people on the roof of an industrial building on the 1300 block of Gaylord Street.

  • After confirming at least one suspect on the roof, police blockaded the building and sent in a SWAT team to search.

  • Police had to bargain with the suspects after several hours before four people surrendered.