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1st District LB City Council Race: Here’s Where the Candidates Stand on Affordable Housing

From Candidates Forum:

In the first debate, very few issues divided the candidates more than affordable housing. Here’s a look at what the candidates said on the issue.

Mariela Salgado: “One of the ways we need to attack it, is we need to create more housing, different types of housing, affordable housing, supportive housing, inclusionary housing... We also have to look [at] how to strengthen tenant protections, and we need to understand why people are being displaced,”.


Misi Tagaloa: “I don’t think rent control is the answer, rent stabilization maybe, but the whole notion of constricting a certain population of the people from making a living, especially for mom & pop’s,”.


Mary Zendejas: “I think the first thing we need to do is to put someone on the city council who knows the life of searching for affordable housing... I’m a renter and I’ve struggled to find affordable housing, that is also accessible housing,".


Ray Morquecho: “There has to be a compromise…, the problem is a lot of times voices are shouting at each other, not taking in each other’s perspectives into account. Renter protection is great, but when it is over the top onerous that you find people fleeing Long Beach, as good landlords, or land developers or people who are thinking about affordable housing, we have to build. So, you have to take those sides into account. You have to find a way to do both… We have to listen to both sides, you have to be willing to work with both sides, relocation assistance, there is a lot of problems with that ordinance,".


Elliot Gonzales: "I do believe in compromise, but there are some issues where you don’t compromise for people who are really counting on you. The air we breathe no compromise, the type of housing… which is a basic human right, not a compromise. If you’re going to represent [District 1], then you need to stand by the side of the people that are affected, and that is the renters. Our housing policy calls for building a land trust, and rather than incentivizing and working with market forces, we need to acquire land and build housing... with the pubic owning land, they would be determining the price of rent and quality of the housing.”


Hashim Muhammad: “gentrification is a violation of the universal declaration of human rights, for the simple fact [that] your targeting people based on their economic status… We need easing of zoning laws, tax breaks for developers, so construction of affordable housing could begin".
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