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2 LA County Supervisors call for Villanueva to resign as Sheriff

LA County Supervisors Mark Ridley Thomas and Sheila Kuehl have publicly called for the resignation of LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Thomas and Kuel are joining members of the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission who have criticized Villanueva for not cooperating with the oversight commission enough, his handling of the shooting of two deputies, the arrest of a journalist, and a deputy who posted racist tweets, per the L.A Times. overseers

Catch-up quick:

Sheriff Villanueva has had a contentious relationship with both the Oversight Committee and the Board of Supervisors, since being elected in 2018. Villanueva has faced criticism for rehiring former officers with a troubled past, not enforcing policies dealing with gangs within the department, and accusations of lying over the arrest of KPCC/LAist correspondent, Josie Huang who was thrown to the ground and arrested by deputies while she was covering a protest outside of the hospital.

  • Villanueva was also criticized for daring Lakers star Lebron James to match the $175,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect, per USA Today.

What they're saying:

🚓Civilian Oversight Commission member Robert Bonner said of Sheriff Villanueva, "It’s with great reluctance that I’m calling for Sheriff Villanueva to resign,” Commissioner Bonner said. “The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department itself deserves better. The men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deserve better.”

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