• Matt Esnayra

3 dead bodies found in Norwalk backyard

Officials are investigating the circumstances that led to three men's deaths after their bodies were discovered in the backyard of a Norwalk home early Thursday morning, per multiple reports.


LA County Fire Department responded to an emergency call concerning a drowning at a house on the 12000 block of Portugal Court in Norwalk just after 3 a.m., according to the LA Sheriff's Department. When firefighters arrived, they performed life-saving measures, but all three men were declared dead at the scene, according to the LA Times.

🔻During the initial investigation, detectives discovered chemicals, including potential narcotics, and think an "inhalant" was involved or that the three men may have overdosed, per PTLB.

🔻The coroner's office had not yet identified any of the dead but only described them as being in their 30s.

🔻Family members identified one of the men as 35-year-old Johnny Montoya, per a report by NBC 4.

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