• Matt Esnayra

5 C.S.U.L.B students test positive for Coronavirus

CSULB President Jane Close Conoley announced Saturday that five students tested positive for coronavirus and that all on-campus residents are under quarantine.

What they're saying:

In a statement titled "Update on COVID-19 Cases", university president Conoley wrote that "Late yesterday, we became aware of a number of students who have not heeded our guidance related to COVID-19 precautions and congregated socially off campus earlier this month."

  • Of the five students that tested positive for the coronavirus, four live on campus in the residence halls, and one lives off-campus.

  • Conoley told the Daily 49er, "The faculty teaching in-person classes will be greatly inconvenienced by the reckless behavior of a few students."

What's Next:

The university will pause all in-person instruction for two weeks and review the number of employees on campus to ascertain when it's safe to return.

  • The Daily 49er reported that the university would COVID test all 328 on-campus residents, and contact tracing will be conducted.

  • CSULB will be cleaning and disinfecting buildings "as needed."

  • The university opened an investigation into student behavior to try to limit any further COVID outbreaks.

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