• Matt Esnayra

7.1 Earthquake Rocks Southern California

Lets Recap:

Another powerful earthquake, this time a 7.1, rocked Southern California for the second day in a row at the same location in the Mojave desert of the July 4th 6.4 quake.

Where Was Epicenter:

The epicenter of Friday's quake was 11 miles away of Ridgecrest, CA on China Lake Naval Air Center at 8:19pm, according to USGS.

The Damage:

According to CNN, Kern County officials said they have responded to multiple injuries and fires due to the quake, but no reported deaths and several thousand Ridgecrest residents were without power, and there were reports of some damage to buildings.

Gov. Newsom Heading to Ridgecrest


Fridays' quake was felt 175 miles away in Downtown Long Beach and in Las Vegas, were the shaking was strong enough to suspended an NBA Summer League game.

What are the Experts Saying:

According to CSB 2, there is an estimated a 3% chance of another earthquake of magnitude 7 or greater striking Southern California within the next week following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Friday night says the USGS.

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