• Matt Esnayra

97-year-old driver hits CSU Fullerton's library

A 97-year-old driver, who was trying to donate books, collided into the doors of California State University, Fullerton’s library last Friday.


CSUF police responded to the southside of the Pollack Library on the campus concerning a possible car colliding into the building. When officers arrived, they came upon a 97-year-old male behind the wheel of a Mercedes, who parked his car in front of the south entrance of the Pollack Library’s automated doors.

  • The driver didn’t need medical attention; he told police his wife had recently passed away and wanted to donate books to the library.

  • The driver’s Mercedes “collided with the building resulting in minor damage to the vehicle and minor damage to the metal trim of the automated doors,” said spokesperson Capt. Scot Willey

  • The automated doors remained working, and the driver didn’t show signs of impairment.

What they're saying:

Police took an “accident report, and [the] vehicle was removed from the scene. The driver was not arrested and our motor officer will do further investigation to determine if any further actions will be taken,” Capt. Willey said.

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