• Matt Esnayra

A dead body was discovered in the area of a shooting in Los Alamitos

The California Highway Patrol officers and a Cal-Trans crew were supposedly fired upon by a person near the southbound 605 Freeway in Los Alamitos Thursday; the suspect was later found dead in a nearby tent, officials said.


According to authorities, the conflict arises at roughly 9:20 a.m. when two CHP officers, who were assisting a Cal-Trans crew performing landscaping and road maintenance work off the 605 Freeway near the Katella Avenue exit, discovered a man among the brush and told the CHP. The officers then "made contact with a male pedestrian in the brush area," at which point "an officer-involved shooting occurred," per the L.A Times.

  • The suspect reportedly lived in a tent underneath the on-ramp.

  • The incident caused an hours-long closure of the southbound lanes.

  • Details about the shooting continue to be unknown at this time, but KTLA-TV Channel 5 reported that a dead body was spotted in the area early Thursday afternoon.in the area early Thursday afternoon.

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