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A Long Beach bar owner goes on a homophobic tirade after being asked to wear a face mask

Screenshot of the video

A local business owner was caught on camera going on a homophobic tirade after being denied entry into a Long Beach restaurant for not wearing a face mask.

Tale of the tape:

According to the video, the obscenity-laced tirade happened outside of Beachwood Brewing in Downtown Long Beach. The man in the video identified himself as Rakesh Desai, owner of R-Bar, a bar located on 3rd Street near Pine Ave.

  • Mr. Desai said, "You guys think your hot shit cause you wanna wear a mask? You motherfuckers," and, "I am a local business owner too... [Do] you know what [is] better? You're an f--ot."

  • He then focuses his anger at a group of people, pointing and shouting, 'Your nothing' five times.

  • Desai is talking to an unnamed person inside Beachwood, saying, "We'll see you on the street someday," and then hollers, "she's a d--e, so whatever."

  • A supposably Beachwood employee told Mr. Desai, "You're a bar owner you should know... about the health guidelines we have to abide to. [Do] you think I like wearing a mask? I don't."

  • Brain Addison of Longbeachize took the video.

👉According to Desai's LinkedIn profile, he has been the 'Proprietor' of R-Bar for the past three years and owns a financial services business.

  • Addison says the video has since been reported on Twitter.

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