• Matt Esnayra

A Massive Fire in Compton Damages Buildings and Buses

A massive fire erupted in a commercial area in Compton, burning several structures and damaging dozens of buses in a neighboring parking lot early Friday morning, according to KTLA.


The blaze broke out near Santa Fe Avenue and East Weber Avenue just after 4:30 a.m, creating a plume of dark smoke that spread across the southland. Some MTLB readers saw smoke over Downtown Long Beach.

  • No injuries were reported, but one firefighter did suffer a minor ankle injury, per the AP.

  • Compton Fire Cheif told the AP that the fire might have started in the alley. However, Yahoo reported that firefighters initially went to the scene due to a pole fire involving Southern California Edison's equipment.

  • Edison spokesman Robert Villegas confirmed that at least three nearby customers were without power, and repair crews were in the area.

  • 150+ residents lost electricity after the flames spread and burned through some power lines.

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