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A police reform bill that would have stripped cops who violated the law flops in the CA State Senate

A bill that would have stripped police officers from certification if they broke the law or violated a citizen's rights failed in the California state senate Monday night, per the AP.


The bill, SB-731, written by Steven Bradford (D- Gardena), would strip a police officer from their badges who are in "violation of certain specified crimes against public justice, including the falsification of records, bribery, or perjury." An officer could also be stripped of their qualified immunity allowing people to sue an individual police officer who injured or killed a suspect. The bill would have created a statewide tracking system to keep law enforcement officers engaged in legal misconduct from being hired by any other law enforcement agency.

  • According to the SF Chronicle, the bill could not survive opposition from police unions, saying, unions argued that "police would face the constant fear that they could face legal action, even if they followed new standards for using deadly force adopted by California last year."

  • Kim Kardashian West tweeted support for the bill, even urging the public to call state representatives.

Why it matters:

It's quite shocking a police reform bill failed in a state dominated by Democrats, especially since the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and the recent shooting of Jacob Blake ignited nationwide protest and calls for police reform.

What they said:

Craig Lally, the president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League said in a statement to MyNewsLA.com, “We are pleased that the late-session rush to enact a flawed bill that would have had debilitating repercussions for police officers and public safety was not voted upon,” and “It is more important to get it right and not rushed, and we pledge our cooperation to work collaboratively with like-minded stakeholders and the Legislature to get it right.”

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