• Matt Esnayra

A Resident at a Long Beach Nursing Home Test Positive for Coronavirus

A resident at an East Long Beach nursing home tested positive for the contagious coronavirus, the story was first reported by the Press-Telegram.

Pacific Palms Healthcare, a nursing home in East Long Beach said in a statement:

"Since we learned of our first resident with a positive test for COVID-19, we have worked closely with Long Beach Public Health, Los Angeles County Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On April 1st, we started working directly with Long Beach Public Health and the CDC. They evaluated and endorsed the infection control protocols we have in place to prevent the spread of an outbreak in our facility."

  • Long Beach health officials announced Wednesday, they were alerted to two COVID-19 cases at two separate nursing and long-term care facilities, its unknown if the resident at Pacific Palms Healthcare is one of those cases.

  • MTLB reached out to Pacific Palms but they declined to comment.

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