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An explosion of illegal fireworks in South LA injuries at least 17 people

At least 17 people were injured during an explosion in South Los Angeles on Wendesday after the LAPD bomb squad attempted to detonate thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks securely, ending in a massive explosion, the Los Angeles Fire Department says.

The Lastest:

Someone made an anonymous call to police at about noon regarding fireworks on the 700 block of East 27th Street in South Los Angeles. Police would later discover about 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks and at least two IEDs, per the LA Times.

  • Authorities placed the fireworks inside a container on the back of a trailer.

  • At 7:37 p.m., police thought that the vehicle would handle the explosion but would later utterly fail to contain the blast.

  • Nine LAPD officers and an ATF agent were injured due to the blast. Six civilians suffered injuries and were transferred to a nearby hospital; three other people suffered minor injuries.

  • Arturo Cejas, a 27-year-old occupant of the house where the police discovered the fireworks, was charged with having a destructive device. The amount of his bail is set at $500,000.

What they're saying:

  • LAPD Lt. Raul Jovel said, "this was completely unexpected. They followed all the protocols in place. It was not really one of these explosions that was unplanned. This was planned," per ABC7.

  • LA Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted that he was "closely monitoring the situation" and that he "directed the LAPD to conduct a full investigation into this incident."

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