• Matt Esnayra

Bernie Sanders leads in California


In a new poll conducted by U.C Berkley IGS, finds that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is currently leading in the Golden State by 24%, with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren closely behind Sanders with 22%, and former Vice President Joe Biden far behind in third with 14%.

Here are the results:


  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former VP Joe Biden lost ground among likely Democratic voters.

  • Only 8% of likely Democrats are considering voting for former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and "About 40% of the likely Democratic primary voters surveyed viewed him negatively, and just 15% had a positive impression" according to the LA Times.

  • Sanders' leads among Latinos with 32% and has a strong lead with young voters 18 to 29 at 46%.

  • Kamala Harris, who dropped out earlier this week, was failing to gain support with any major voting bloc.

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