• Matt Esnayra

Betty, the 10-year-old sea otter, dies at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Photo via Aquarium of the Pacific

A 10-year-old sea otter named Betty died suddenly Thursday at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

What Happened:

Aquarium officials say Betty had had no known health issues or changes in behavior, and that a veterinary team and an external veterinary specialist will perform an exam on the otter to determine a cause of death.

  • Betty arrived at the Aquarium in March 2012. She was 9-to-10 weeks old, arriving as a rescue from Del Monte Beach.

  • “Because Betty lost her mother, she didn’t learn survival skills, government wildlife officials determined she was unable to take care of herself in the wild,” and was given to the Aquarium.

  • The Aquarium named the otter after the actress Betty White.

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