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Bill Pearl, the publisher of LB Report dead at 71

Photo courtesy of LB Reports

The LB Report's publisher Bill Pearl died Tuesday after a three-year battle with cancer, the LB Report announced.

Why he mattered:

Pearl was one of the most influential Long Beach journalists for the past two decades. He was ahead of his time creating an online local newspaper and was relentless in finding the truth, even if it angered Long Beach's political establishment. He showed that online local news could create a loyal audience and compete with the Press-Telegram and later the Post.

  • Pearl got his start in radio in the 1960s as a disc jockey for a laundry list of stations across Southern California.

  • He would later move to Long Beach and create the LB Report in the year 2000, "founded on the idea to keep politicians accountable and also keeping other local media outlets on their toes," the LB Report wrote on its Facebook page.

  • Pearl's family says they intend for the website to continue to operate.

  • Mr. Pearl was a significant inspiration for the creation of the Modern Times of Long Beach.

What they're saying:

  • Councilmember Al Austin: "My deepest sympathy to family and many friends of LBReport.com publisher Bill Pearl. Bill cared about everything Long Beach and worked tirelessly for truth, transparency, and government accountability. May he rest in peace."

  • The Long Beach City Prosecutor's Office: "No one will ever fully understand how much Bill Pearl influenced the City of Long Beach by covering the news. He was the watchful eye. He covered stories other outlets thought were not important, but those events turned out to be incredibly important, like the airport noise ordinance and terminal expansion. Bill was also an attorney so he could always explain deeper. This is a loss for Long Beach."

  • Vice Mayor Rex Richardson: "Rest In Peace Bill. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 You’ve made a real difference. Long Beach won’t be the same without you."

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