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Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns, Amid Mass Protests and Election Fraud Accusations

Embattled Bolivian President Evo Morales announced on television he is stepping down on Sunday after the military asked Morales to leave.

image from T13 broadcast

How did we get here?

President Morales has been facing allegations of voter fraud over the October 20th presidential election, which sparked deadly mass protests. At one point, Bolivian police marched with the protesters against Morales.

O.A.S Found Irregularities in the October 20th Election:

Morales, who supported, a new presidential election after an analysis from the international body the Organization of American States, monitoring the election said they found evidence of "clear manipulations" like "alterations of physical records, forged signatures, and evidence of wide-scale data manipulation", according to the BBC.

Pressure From the Military:

Bolivian Gen. Williams Kaliman, said the military had asked President Morales to resign after days of mass protests over the controversial Oct. 20 presidential election, which Morales won by 10% avoiding a November run-off. General Kaliman said, "We suggest the President of the State renounce his presidential mandate, allowing peace to be restored and the stability maintained for the good of our Bolivia,".

Evo Morales Resignation Speech:

Morales says the police issued an "illegal" arrest warrant for him and that his resignation was a "coup"

Mexico offers asylum to Morales:

Morales' Home Ransacked:

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