• Matt Esnayra

Border Patrol apprehends 23 people in panga boat off Long Beach shoreline.

Photo courtesy of US Customs & Border Patrol.

A thin fishing boat occupied by 23 Mexican nationals came ashore in Long Beach's Alamitos Pennisula Tuesday afternoon, the US Border Patrol and Coast Guard announced Wednesday.


Federal authorities say they were tracking the fishing boat as the vessel made landfall near Ocean Blvd and 55th Place at roughly 4 p.m, US Customs, and Border Protection media chief Jame Ruiz said

  • Altogether, 23 occupants, 21 men and two females were taken into custody by the Border Patrol, and the Department of Homeland Security seized the boat.

  • Ruiz said there were no injuries to the passengers, although federal authorities don't know how long the passengers were traveling and where in Mexico did they originate.

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