• Matt Esnayra

C.S.U.L.B Removes Prospect Pete Statue from Campus

California State University, Long Beach removed the statue of former mascot Prospect Pete off-campus, university president Jane Close Conoley announced Friday, per Daily 49er.

  • Back in May, CSULB announced sharks as the new university mascot, replacing the old 49ers nickname and mascot.


In 2018, Cal State Long Beach President Jane Close Conoley announced the removal of the statue and the student body voted for a new mascot in 2019.

What Conoley is saying:

“In light of the renewed national conversation about anti-racism, we have chosen to begin the relocation process early and have removed the statue from the center of campus,”.

  • “We will develop additional opportunities on campus to more fully examine the past as well as honor our Indigenous peoples.”

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