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CA Recall: President Biden to campaign for Newsom in Long Beach

President Biden will be in Long Beach on Monday to campaign for Gov.Gavin Newsom and urge Californians to vote no in the recall election, the White House announced.

Driving the news: The President's arrives a day before election day, his layover is meant to energize California democrats who seem to be lacking enthusiasm, as compared to Republican voters.

  • Last week Vice President Kamala Harris visited the Bay area for a campaign event for Newsom to boost voter turnout.

  • The 2021 California gubernatorial recall election is the fourth in US history, per FiveThirtyEight.

  • Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder leads among the challengers and is likely to be the next governor if Newsom is recalled.

  • The recall election like the 2020 presidential election will be vote by mail entirely and would probably last a couple of days to tally in the votes.

By the numbers:

According to a Survey USA poll has found 54% of likely recall-election voters want to keep Newsom as the Governor, compared to 41% who would want to remove him from office.

  • Nearly 7 million voters have cast their ballots, per CBS News.

  • The recall election is projected to cost California nearly $300 million, per NYT.

Why it matters:

US Senator Diane Feinstein is in her late 80's; if Newsom were to be recalled and Elder elected to the governorship, Elder says he would replace Feinstein with a Republican and swing the 50-50 Senate to the Republicans, per Fox News.

What difference a year makes:

Last year, Newsom and former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo were seen as future presidential candidates. Now Cuomo is gone, resigning in the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal and mismanagement of nursing homes during the pandemic. Newsom is facing the biggest threat to his political career over the widely criticized French Laundry incident, his handling of the economic fallout of the pandemic, the proliferation of the homeless population, and the rise of crime.

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