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California created a digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card

State officials unveiled a new digital copy of their COVID-19 vaccine card for California residents, which you may use to gain entry into businesses or events that need evidence of immunization.

shots shots shots, everybody:

According to the California Department of Public Health and the California Department of Technology, the new digital card gives Californians access to their COVID-19 vaccination data from the state's immunization registry. According to the release, the digital copy includes the same information as the CDC's paper cards.

How it works:

To get a digital copy of your vaccination, Californians will have to log onto myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov, where you'll create a four-digit PIN after entering your name, date of birth, email, or phone number connected with their vaccination records on a state website.

  • After entering your information, you'll receive a digital version of your immunization record with a QR code, which will have the same information as your CDC card if you need to provide proof of vaccination to enter a venue, company, or country.

Keep this in mind:

Nearly all COVID-related restrictions in California were lifted this week, and vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks in most indoor areas. But mask-wearing is still required for the unvaccinated and in select locations, including public transportation and health institutions.

Quote: “We worked with CDPH, tech industry leaders, and consulted with California’s top businesses, service and event purveyors to create a system that works well for all sectors,” said Amy Tong, State CIO and Director of the California Department of Technology. “We achieved our goal to quickly produce an intuitive portal that offers Californians another way, and an easier way, to access their own COVID-19 immunization history.”

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