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California GOP placed unauthorized ballot boxes throughout SoCal

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

According to a report by the Orange County Register and KCAL, the California Republican Party has been encouraging voters to drop off their completed ballots at a non-sanctioned ballot drop-off site, possibly violating election laws.

Ok, What happened:

These unofficial metal drop off boxes began appearing across Southern California in the past few weeks, showing up in front of gas stations, gyms, and according to KCAL, outside of a Baptist Church in Castaic. In one case, an unofficial ballot box had a sign taped to it titled "Official ballot drop-off box."

  • Jordan Tygh, a California GOP regional field director, tweeted a photo of himself in front of a fake ballot box, asking followers to "DM" him for "convenient locations," per the Washington Post.

  • The Fresno County Republican Party also shared a list of "secure" ballot collection locations, none of which are on the state's official list.

  • California Secretary of State has received reports in recent days about possible unauthorized ballot drop boxes in Fresno, Los Angeles, and Orange counties, per OCR.

  • The California Republican Party defended the use of unofficial ballot boxes by arguing they're using a 2016 state law that allows California voters to a designated person to deliver their ballot for them, and California GOP says they have security concerns with mail-in ballots.

What they're saying:

  • California Republican Party on Twitter said, "California Democrats wrote the law (Assembly Bill 1921). Democrats voted for the legislation, and Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law. This procedure has been in place since 2016 - not sure why people are all of a sudden surprised."

  • California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks said via a press release, "Sadly, this is par for the course from the Republican Party - well-versed in making it harder, not easier for Californians to vote," Hick said. "California Democrats are committed to the right of all registered voters to fully, fairly, and equally access the ballot box. And we intend to defend that right in 2020.”

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