• Matt Esnayra

California is the first state to require teachers, school workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19

As summer ends and students prepare to return to the classroom, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that teachers and school staff must be vaccinated against the coronavirus or undergo weekly COVID-19 testings.

Why it matters:

California will become the first state in the country to impose such requirements on schools.

  • The California State University system announced they would require all students, staff, and faculty to show proof of vaccination or take daily COVID-19 tests when on campus.

  • LBUSD, one of California's largest public school districts did order its staff and faculty to be vaccinated, joining several other school districts.

Details: The mandate will start on August 12, and schools must fully comply by October 15.

  • The statewide public health order also will apply to teachers and staff at the state's 3,000 private schools, per SF Chronicle.

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