• Matt Esnayra

California surpasses 500,000 coronavirus cases; nears 10,000 deaths

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

California has become the first U.S state to surpass half a million confirmed coronavirus cases. It is a remarkable milestone for a state that was first in the nation to initiate stay at home orders.

  • The Golden State also broke its single-day record with 215 coronavirus related deaths, the fifth time in July California has broken a single-day record in reported cases, and the third time this week, according to the LA Times.

Why it matters:

July was the worst month for California during the coronavirus pandemic. It overtook New York as the state with the nation’s highest case count, the state also recorded 2,844 coronavirus related deaths, and thirty-eight of the state's 58 counties are under a watchlist due to high infection rates.

  • LA County accounts for 40% of coronavirus related deaths in the state, per Mercury News.

  • Governor Newsom, under pressure from business interests, launched a phased reopening on May 8th. At that time, California had around 62,000 confirmed cases, according to ABC News.

  • Experts citing lower positivity rates, and declining hospitalizations, take as a sign that California might have peaked in the current surge. However, medical experts are also warning Californians should prepare to see at least another month of significant death totals, as that number catches up to the peak in cases.

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