• Matt Esnayra

California to disburse an extra $900 in unemployment checks

California's Employment Development Department will start mailing out $900 in additional unemployment checks to millions of Californians already receiving jobless benefits due to COVID-19 related reasons.

If you don't know, now you know: The extra $300 of benefits would only cover three weeks and were made retroactive to the week that ended on August 1st, per the L.A Times.

👉The checks arrive in two phases starting on September 7th and would help up to 3.1 million Californians; the EDD says it would take "a couple of weeks" for people to receive the needed funds.

👉For people with an EDD debit card, they will receive a one lump sum payment of $900 per KXTV.

👉 About 192,000 unemployed Californians will not receive the extra $900 in benefits because they don't meet the federal government threshold of receiving less than $100 in state unemployment benefits.

👉Since the start of the pandemic, the state has spent $76.9 billion in jobless benefits and processed 11.9 million claims between the regular unemployment insurance program, the extension claims, and the separate Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.

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