• Matt Esnayra

California will pay all past-due rent amassed during COVID-19 pandemic

California Governor Gavin Newsom said the state would pay out all past-due rent that was accumulated due to the coronavirus pandemic's economic fallout, the AP reports.

La Vie Bohème:

Federal Eviction protections are due to expire on June 30. California has enacted its own set of safeguards that applied to a more significant number of people.

  • California has $5.2 billion from several aid packages approved by Congress. According to Jason Elliott, Newsom's senior counselor, the funds are more than enough to satisfy all of the state's overdue rent.

But, But, But:

However, the state has been sluggish to disperse the funds, and it seems unlikely that it will payout enough by the June 30 deadline.

  • As of May 31, just $32 million of the $490 million in rental assistance requests had been fulfilled, according to the California Department of Housing.

  • About 2% of those who began or submitted applications for California's rent relief program have gotten assistance. And, according to state authorities, considerably fewer people have applied to the program than projected. per KQED


The state's swift economic recovery, according to landlords, is a reason not to prolong the eviction moratorium any further.

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