• Matt Esnayra

Car crash in West Long Beach leaves one man dead

A 40-year-old man died when his Ram pick-up truck rear-ended a tractor-trailer near C.S.U.L.B's Technology Park in West Long Beach just after midnight Saturday.


According to police, the pick-up truck driver was "traveling at a high rate of speed" as he headed west on Pacific Coast Highway. The collision occurred when the tractor-trailer stopped at a red light at West Pacific Coast Highway and Technology Place; as the light changed to green and the tractor-trailer started to accelerate, that's when the pick-up truck rear-ended the tractor-trailer.

  • Police arrived at the scene at roughly 12:15 a.m Saturday.

  • It is unknown if distracted or impaired driving were a factor in the collision at this time.

  • L.B.F.D arrived and transported the victim to a nearby hospital; he later died due to his injuries.

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