• Matt Esnayra

Car crashed into a coffee shop in Long Beach

Screen grab of a video courtesy of @ThayBlackSparrow

One person was injured after a car crash into the Lord Windsor coffee shop Monday afternoon.

The details:

Long Beach Fire responded to the scene at about 3:30 p.m; at the intersection of 3rd Street and Cerritos Avenue. When the first responders arrived, they found a sheared hydrant shooting water into the air and significant damage to the face of the coffee shop.

  • According to authorities, the crash occurred after the store closed and involved two cars.

  • An EMT transported one person to a nearby hospital, and Long Beach Police assisted with traffic.

  • LBFD spokesperson Brian Fisk said the building department was requested to evaluate the structure's integrity.

What they're saying:

  • On the store's Instagram account wrote, "a dude drove through the front of the shop. It was gnarly, it currently is gnarly. Everyone is safe and no one was harmed including the lady he hit before making grand entrance. He even walked away...albeit in cuffs. Thanks everyone, you guys are making me cry."

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