• Matt Esnayra

Carnival Cruise Line drops COVID-19 vax requirements

Carnival Cruise Line says they will no longer demand passengers for proof of COVID-19 vaccination status for traveling, the second largest cruise line announced late Friday.

Why it matters:

Carnival Cruise Line is following Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line in abandoning its COVID-19 vaccine requirement.

  • Carnival won’t require any testing for vaccinated guests traveling less than 16 nights, and there won’t be any exemptions for unvaccinated guests, who will only need to show a negative test result at takeoff.

  • The current COVID guidelines apply to all seaports except trips from Canada, Bermuda, Greece, and Australia and on trips 16 nights or later.

  • Back in July, the CDC ceased tracking COVID cases on cruise ships.

The big picture:

Cruise ships were probably the first industry to be touched by the COVID-19 pandemic, being one of the first epicenters of outbreaks and have since been struggling to woo back travelers.

Driving the News: Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy said, “Our ships have been sailing very full all summer, but there is still room for more of our loyal guests, and these guidelines will make it a simpler process, and make cruising accessible for those who were not able to meet the protocols we were required to follow for much of the past 14 months.”

  • “We’ve got lots happening, with Carnival Luminosa and Carnival Celebration joining our fleet this November and more to come in 2023. Whatever the ship, home port or itinerary that works for you, our great onboard team is ready to deliver a fun vacation–something we all look forward to even more nowadays!,” said Duffy.

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