• Matt Esnayra

CDC Confirms 3rd Case of Coronavirus in the United States, 1st in Orange County, CA

What Happened:

In a press release by the O.C Health Care Agency said they have received confirmation from the CDC that a patient, only identified as a man, has tested positive for the contagious coronavirus.

  • According to the health care agency, the patient was traveling from Wuhan, China, the focal point of the outbreak of the contagious illness.

  • 56 people, all in China, has died from the virus and infected up to 1,975 people.

  • OCHCA also said " There is no evidence that person-to-person transmission has occurred in Orange County" and that the "current risk of local transmission remains low".

  • The incident is the third case of Coronavirus in the United States and the CDC's Dr. Nancy Messonnier said they have 63 people under investigation for possible infection across 22 states.

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