• Matt Esnayra

Chemical spill in Compton generates odor complaints in Long Beach

Hundreds of complaints were made to local and county officials after a chemical spill at a factory in Compton caused strong, pungent odors to the point that some Long Beach residents felt ill, per multiple reports.


The spill occurred last Thursday at roughly 1:30 p.m. when workers loaded a 300-pound sack holding chemicals into a reactor oven at the Plaskolite plant in Compton. Two hours after workers placed the bag into the oven, it ruptured, causing the stove to bleed a pungent stink, per the LA Times.

  • Plaskolite spokesperson Roger Hamilton told the Times, the main ingredient that caused the smell is methyl methacrylate or MMA. A colorless liquid with an odor that can irritate the eyes, nose, lungs, and skin.

  • LBFD spokesperson Jack Crabtree told the Post that they received 20 calls regarding the smell.

  • South Coast AQMD deployed a team of inspectors to investigate the cause.

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