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Community Hospital Long Beach will close Emergency Room for the 2nd time

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Operators of the Community Hospital of Long Beach announced the closure of the emergency rooms and acute medical services due to a lack of patients, per multiple reports.

Why it matters:

The move comes as coronavirus hospitalizationsare on the rise in parts of California, with LA County Department of Public Health reporting 1,153 new cases and 10 new deaths.

  • 600 residents are currently hospiotlzed, 46 of which are from Long Beach.

A fond look back:

Molina, Wu, Network, LLC (MWN) signed a long-term lease and operating agreement with the City in 2019, and since under their control, the hospital has been largly out of commission due to not meeting seismic compliance for having the 90-year -old building on top of an active fault line.

  • 🚑: Closing the emergency room saves MVN and the City millions in repairs.

  • 🏥: A story in the LB Report said MVN approached the city in converting Community Hospital into a new mental and physical wellness center.

  • 👩‍⚕️: Governor Newson allowed the hospital to reopen in March 2020 to ease pressure from other regional hospitals due to the pandemic but it was never really utilized.

🧠 Keep this in mind:

In LBPT, Molina mentions in a press release that the pandemic has brought on "complex challenges" like the supply chain problems that created "delays in our hospital relicensing, limited availability of equipment, supplies, and staff, and rapidly increasing costs for required construction."

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