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Congressman Tim Ryan Endorses Fmr. VP Joe Biden For President.

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Photo from Rep. Ryan's Facebook Page

Rep Tim Ryan (D-OH), who ended his own bid for the White House weeks ago, will endorse his former rival Joe Biden for president.

In a press release, Ryan takes a Swipe at Trump, while calling Biden "a champion for working communities".

“Since Donald Trump took office, he has manufactured trade wars that put profit over people and hurt farmers, workers, and small businesses. America can’t afford a president who jeopardizes the success and dignity of its workers to make himself feel tough. America needs a leader who will put working communities and the middle class first. America needs Joe Biden. “Joe is a trusted leader who has been a champion for working communities throughout his entire career in public service, which is why I am proud to endorse him for president. I know that Joe will be a voice for the many who are being left behind  — workers losing their jobs to automation, unions fighting for fair wages, small business owners trying to get ahead. Joe knows that working communities built America, and I know that Joe will go to bat for them as an increasingly globalized economy threatens the very work they do. “Joe will not only be a voice for workers and the middle class, but I know he will get things done for Ohioans and the American people. From raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour to protecting and building on Obamacare to investing in infrastructure, Joe will rebuild the middle class. Ohio is key to the presidency, and Joe is the only candidate who can win over the heartland and defeat Donald Trump.”

Tim Ryan's Presidential Bid Didn't Go Anywhere:

Congressman Ryan was polling in less than 1% throughout his White House bid and only qualified for two debates. Rep Ryan relied heavily on establishment politics, who famously clashed with Bernie Sanders over Medicare for all, and whose entire campaign was themed as a moderate Democrat from Ohio, never caught on with the base.

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