• Matt Esnayra

CSU will require vaccinations for faculty, staff, and students starting fall of 2021.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

California State University (CSU) announced it would require all faculty, staff, and students who use campus facilities at any university location to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Why it matters:

The CSU system is the nation's largest four-year higher education system, with 23 campuses, 56,000 faculty and staff, and 486,000 students.

  • CSU says those returning must certify their vaccination no later than Sept. 30.

  • There are medical and religious exemptions under the CSU's COVID-19 vaccination policy.

A fond look back:

The school system announced in April of 2020 that once the FDA approved "one or more of the vaccines," CSU would require anyone "accessing campus facilities at any university location to be immunized" against COVID-19.

  • In reaction to the pandemic, classes at all CSU campuses were conducted virtually.

What he's saying:

“The current surge in COVID cases due to the spread of the highly infectious Delta variant is an alarming new factor that we must consider as we look to maintain the health and well-being of students, employees and visitors to our campuses this fall," said CSU Chancellor Joseph I. Castro in the statement.

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