• Matt Esnayra

C.S.U.L.B opens investigation into a racist video posted by a student


C.S.U.L.B is looking into the actions of a student who posted a racist video on social media, that showed the student making racist comments toward the Latinx community, per The Daily 49er.

  • According to C.S.U.L.B spokesperson Jeff Cook, the video could have been made over a year ago when the student was in high school.

  • University officials became aware of the video after students reached out via social media.

  • C.S.U.L.B students voiced their opinions on twitter calling for student's expulsion from the university.

What the student said:

In the short video, the student is seen rapping, to her own lyrics, to the song of “Crazy Rap” saying, "Get out out out of here, you’re not wanted in America. If your women and drugs just don’t sell, your head on a spike will.”

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