• Matt Esnayra

DemDebate 4: Highlights

screengrab of Washington Post

Let's Recap:

Senator Elizabeth Warren clashed with nearly all of the candidates over raising taxes for #MedicareForAll.

  • Vox reported that Warren " spoke the most... clocking in at 22 minutes of speaking time" solidifying her status as a front-runner.

Tom Steyer Agrees with Bernie Sanders on Taxing Billionaires:

On the Impeachment Inquiry into Trump:

  • Warren "This president has obstructed justice and had done it repeatedly"

  • Sanders "Trump is the most corrupt president in the history of this country"

  • Biden "if Trump continues to stonewall... the congress will have no choice to begin an impeachment proceeding".

  • Tulsi "If impeachment is driven by these hyper-partisan interest it would only divide an already terribly divided country..."

Fmr. VP Joe Biden Defends Hunter Biden "My son did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong".

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