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Disney Employee Boast About Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine Meant for First Responders

A Riverside woman, who reportedly is employed by Disney, boasted on Facebook that a relative helped her receive the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine at a time when doctors, nurses, EMT, and older people in long-term care facilities are the top priority, according to a report by the Orange County Register.

Now that's what I call f**ked Up Volume 10:

The Riverside woman, whose age is 33, has not been publicly identified, posted on Facebook a photo of her vaccination card from Redlands Community Hospital in San Bernardino.

  • What she said, "When I woke up this morning, I didn't think I would be getting the COVID-19 vaccine today. But here we are. I'm so very happy," she wrote, "Science is basically my religion, so this was a big deal for me."

  • The woman replied to a friend on Facebook when asked how she could have gotten the vaccine before the general public. The Riverside woman responded that her husband's aunt is a "big deal" at Redland Community hospital, and the hospital had doses of the vaccine set to expire.

  • The Pfizer vaccine must be placed in a special -94 degrees Fahrenheit freezer and needs to be administered quickly after thawing.

Why it matters:

The first phase of the coronavirusvaccine rollout, which started a month ago, prioritizes frontline health workers, older adults, and particular people with underlining health conditions.

What they're saying:

Redlands Community Hospital spokesperson told the O.C Register that the "Redlands Community Hospital administered its allotment of Pfizer vaccines to its frontline physicians, healthcare workers and support staff per California Department of Public Health guidelines," the statement says. "After physicians and staff who expressed interest in the vaccine were administered, there were several doses left. Because the reconstituted Pfizer vaccine must be used within hours or be disposed of, several doses were administered to non-front line healthcare workers so that valuable vaccine would not be thrown away."

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