• Matt Esnayra

DLBA president accused of having a toxic work environment & bullying by former employee

Photo via Downtown Long Beach Alliance

A former employee wrote a letter accusing Kraig Kojian, the president and CEO of the Downtown Long Beach Alliance, of having a toxic work environment and mistreatment, per the LB Post.

Details of the allegations:

The letter was sent to Long Beach City Councilmembers Allen and Zendejas by a former DLBA employee alleging that Kojian engaged in “workplace bullying and a toxic work environment, largely inflicted upon women workers.”

  • The letter makes no claims of illegal conduct or sexual harassment by Kojian, and both councilmembers sent their letter to the City Attorney's office and the DLBA.

  • The accuser also wrote, “I strongly believe Mr. Kojian’s pattern of workplace bullying of female employees constitutes gender discrimination,” and calls for an “investigation and correction.”

Where things stand:

Kojian remains employed by DLBA and the organization has hired a law firm to investigate the accusations.

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