• Matt Esnayra

Dozens of Women Accuse LB City Councilmember Al Austin of having "profound disrespect for women"

Over 50+ women, including Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce, have signed onto an open letter titled "We Deserve Better Than Al Austin", accusing the current 8th District Long Beach City Councilmember Al Austin of exhibiting "profound disrespect for women" in a blog post published Saturday.

What They're Saying:

The letter states five accusations in which Austin displayed sexist behaviors.

  • According to the open letter, Austin was asked by a woman at an L.A County Democratic Party endorsement meeting about his stance on Claudia's Law, a bill that would of creating a safe work environment for housekeepers by establishing panic buttons and a hotline to safeguard against harassment and sexual assault, Austin allegedly replied to her that " she couldn’t imagine the type of rape that happens in prison".

  • Austin supposedly gave a "gag gift" of a panic button to Claudia's Law supporters.

  • The hiring of Julio Perez as an advisor, a former executive director for the O.C Labor Federation, Perez was fired due to multiple allegations by women of sexual harassment, inappropriate conduct, and workplace retaliation.

  • The open letter also alleges that Austin did "hurl insults and spread misinformation" toward Councilmember Jeanne Pearce


The signatories of the letter are demanding Austin " acknowledge these troubling actions and publicly apologize to the women and girls of our community".

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