• Matt Esnayra

Ex-LBPD Officer Accused of Child Pornography Could Get $90,000 Annual Pension

According to the LB Post, former Long Beach police officer Anthony Mark Brown could receive more than $90,000 in pension benefits during his retirement years even though he's facing charges of possessing child porn while he was on the force.


Anthony Mark Brown, a 26-year veteran of the force, was arrested while on duty and charged with three felony counts of child pornography distribution and one felony count of possession, is set to earn a monthly pension of around $7,800, or $93,600 per year, from the state-run CalPERS retirement system.

Context: The state can only terminate CalPERS benefits under limited situations, such as when a retiree is accused of a crime related to their work.

  • Brown's official duties with the LBPD have not been linked to the allegations that he posted pictures and videos of children, some as young as 7, being sexually assaulted.

  • According to Transparent California, in 2019, Brown received $116,668 in salary and another $106,983 overtime. Overall, Brown earned $294,447 that year after insurance and other compensation, according to the database.

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