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FPPC dismissed a complaint filed against LB Councilmember Zendejas

California's Fair Practice Political Commission has decided not to take action against Long Beach City Council member Mary Zendejas over allegations by a former primary challenger that she violated campaign disclosure rules and other offenses.


Former City Council candidate Lee Charley, filed an FPPC complaint on June 6, in which he claims Zendejas violated campaign disclosure rules by not completing Form 460, a document that requires campaigns to disclose contribution sources and expenses.

  • He wrote, “Mary Zendejas Did NOT file her Campaign 460 that was due June 1,2022. We all were called and told by the City Clerk that we would get a 500 fine for not filing on time or late.”

Charley speculates in his complaint that the possible reason behind Zendejas's alleged tardiness could be due to her past relationship with now-disgraced political consultant Melahat Rafiei. Zendejas employed Rafiei for her re-election campaign but later departed after the revelation that she was arrested on federal bribery charges and connected to the Angel Stadium scandal.

  • In the complaint, Charley wrote, “Mary Zendejas Campaign Manager and Political Consultant, Melehat wore an FBI wire and was involved in a corruption scheme…, She has now decided to break campaign rules and laws and not File her form 460.”

  • Mr. Charley further writes that Zendejas paid Rafiei's firm, Progressive Solutions Consulting (PSC), $58,000 and asked, “Where did the money actually go?” and implores the commission to “look and see if this money was not laundered to her friends and not actually this possibly not legal Consultant Firm.”

  • Charley noted that PSC closed in 2019; however, according to the California Secretary of State’s website, Progressive Solutions Consulting is listed as being ‘suspended,’ and has been inactive since Nov 23, 2021.

screengrab of the CA Sec. of State website

A June 16 letter from Angela Brereton, the FPPC’s Enforcement Chief, to Mr. Charley wrote, “After review of the complaint and evidence provided, the Enforcement Division will not pursue an enforcement action in this matter.”

  • Overall, Charley filed six FPPC complaints against Zendejas. The commission rejected all but two, and as of now, only one is known to be under review.

Read the complaint:

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