• Matt Esnayra

Garcetti Advisor to "take a leave" after 2nd sexual misconduct accusation

Rick Jacobs, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's longtime advisor, said Tuesday he would "take a leave" from his work as treasurer of the non-profit Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles due to another accusation of sexual misconduct.

Why it matters: Jacobs served as deputy chief of staff and a longtime political consultant to Mayor Garcetti; now Jacobs joins a long line of lawmakers, consultants, and political influencers that were swept up in the #MeToo movement.

The allegations:

  • Yahoo News reported, former Los Angeles police officer Matthew Garza, who served on Mayor Eric Garcetti's security detail for seven years, filed a lawsuit in July. Garza claimed that Jacobs would regularly assault and harass him—and that Garcetti had witnessed the alleged assault and harassment; Jacobs has since denied the accusations.

  • On Monday, journalist Yashar Ali wrote in his article that Jacobs forcibly kissed him and give unwanted hugs.

Jacobs response: For the past seventeen years, I have dedicated myself to advocacy and public service. I do not want this to be a distraction. Therefore, I will take a leave from my non-profit work and my volunteer political work with the Mayor."

Mayor Garcetti's response: "I take seriously all allegations of harassment. Rick Jacobs has stepped away from his non-profit and volunteer political work," Garcetti said in a statement to the L.A Times.

Timing: News outlets have floated the idea of Mayor Garcetti joining a potential Biden Administration.

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